Section 8: Accessibility and UDL

SECTION 8. Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

This section addresses the course’s adherence to accessibility and universal design principles that are critical to all learners.

8.1 Instructor articulates how s/he proactively supports a wide range of learning styles and abilities of all students, as opposed to just making reactive accommodations for the needs of students with unique needs. Note: This support does not entail sacrificing academic rigor or student learning outcomes. The goal is supporting the needs of all learners as opposed to having an inflexible teaching and learning process.
8.2 Students are given accessibility information and policies related to the online course environment (link to the CI Disabled Student Resources page is included, syllabus includes the CI Disabled Student Services statement).
8.3 Students can clearly ascertain the role of the instructor in providing support for those officially registered with the campus disability services office.
8.4* Course materials created by the instructor or from external sources are in formats that are accessible to students with disabilities.
8.5* All tools used within learning management system or that are third-party are accessible and assistive technology ready.
8.6* If accessibility of a particular course resource or activity is not practicable, instructor provides an equally effective accessible alternative for students.


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